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​​Hello!  Max & Debbie Barnes-Allan here, we are the creators of Ayni Shaman Energy Medicine Practices in Lacey, WA.   Ayni, pronounced, (EYE-nee), is a Quechuan word which expresses the principles of sacred interchange and the spirit of reciprocity.  As shamanic practitioners, we offer healing through ceremony and ritual, always making a heartfelt exchange of gratitude with the spirit realm. 
During a typical shamanic session you will be inspired to work with the energies of the earth, journey, discover power animal(s)/spirit guide and awaken your most powerful and creative healing force within you, your wisdom keeper.  The wisdom keeper resides in your heart.  Your wisdom keeper awakens your seeing, helps clear your perception, allowing you to explore the patterns of your life story that hold and bind you, the heavy energy that prevents transformation.
Together with your wisdom keeper, we will guide you in clearing the energetic patterns and teach you to gracefully release and let them go.  Balance is achieved when knowledge, emotion and action are in harmony—that is your alignment with your wisdom keeper. The Navajo call this the way of beauty.  To be healthy, body, mind, spirit & emotion aligned, is to walk in beauty.   

Ayni Shaman Energy Medicine Practices