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Ayni Shaman Energy Medicine Practices
The seeds for Ayni Shaman Energy Medicine Practices were planted in the mid '70's when Max and Debbie together with a small group of other young teachers, organized outdoor education trips into the sacred Native American sites in Northern Arizona, giving these city children a feel for Mother Earth.  They were later fertilized in 2004 while teaching in Northern California when they were granted full funding from the State to open a K-8 Outward Bound Expeditionary Learning Charter School for children who were not being served by the traditional education model.

During their 30 plus years working in the education system with both children and adults they began to notice a relationship between their students emotional well-being and their capacity to learn and function socially.  This seemingly simple observation launched Debbie and Max on a quest to find ways that they could help people bring balance, harmony and joy back into their lives.  As each set out on their personal quest, Spirit guided them to the teachers, whether in person or through books, that would  provide them the lessons they needed and allow them to  experience deep healing for themselves through a variety of healing modalities.  During the journey they became Reiki Masters, ordained ministers, trained with Ron Kurtz Hakomi Therapy, Level one Ho'oponopono, Clairvoyance with Jim Self, sat in sweat lodges with Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand of the Lakota, and are in "Medicine Wheel" training with Grandfather Roy Wilson of the Cowlitz tribe.

Alberto Villoldo, PhD. and Linda Ftich of The Four Winds Society, Healing the Light Body School provided Debbie and Max with their deepest healing and learning experiences. Debbie and Max completed the two year Healing the Light Body School program and are certified Energy Medicine Practitioners. In addition to their basic training, they became certified trainers for "The Dying Consciously Program" and teachers of the Munay-Ki. Their training continues as they work with Q'ero elder don Mariano Quispe Flores and The Nusta Karpay the rite that bring forth the feminine energy of the  Goddesses or Priestesses. They continue to  learn advanced methods of energy healing through Four Winds classes and their contact with don Mariano and the paqos of Peru.