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What people are saying about the Change Your Story, Change Your Life Workshop

"Dear Max and Debbie,
when I went to Seattle I was lost, first I have the women of wisdom conference that lead to you :)  synchronicity!
I did not know what to write, but today for the first time I allowed my self to be successful in my work, it was a presentation but it was the best I have had in years and that self-confidence, to let the divine guide me though it was mainly a result of your workshop. What I wrote is the following:

"The change your story, change your life workshop did not changed my past story, however I changed the way I see it and the power that it had over me, thus it changed my story afterwards and my life. I found myself and I experience acceptance as I haven't done before, bringing peace and happiness into my life.
Linda, Debbie, Max and all the group that gather that day are beautiful souls that created magic. All I can say is thank you!"

I kept it short because I did not know how much space you have, but I also want to tell you that I opened myself in a way that I had never done before, to the other participants, but most important to myself and to life. I just feel good :) not always, I have had also difficult moments, but then I remember that is ok, I use my stones and re-connect, I can make the shift easier than before. 

I haven't had therapy before, but I know it could have been useful for me. However, I believe that this was one of the best therapies I could ever get. When I told to my mom what I experienced, she just said: finally you listened to someone, I'm glad that they got you and make you see what we have been trying for years. 
I have been practicing some of the exercises that you sent, I haven't manage to communicate to my power animal in that way, but with the parts of my self that I had lost. 

Sometimes I wish I could have stayed there longer in Seattle, learn more. But then, I remember that in the same way that they universe brought me to you, it will help me found my way.
Thank you so much for everything! and, please feel free to reproduce or post any part of this email. 
P.S. I even took a picture of myself right after the workshop, I hadn't seen that spark in long time :) "

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ 

"Attending “Change Your Story Change Your Life” has helped my growing awareness of the nuanced multilayered, constant nature of my inner dialogue and its foundational importance in my experience, perception and path. Moreover; this powerful, delightful training also enhanced my growing capacity to become a more conscious, empowered architect of my experience and path. I am happy I attended and I highly recommend obtaining the make-up training with Max & Debbie so you can join us for the second chapter. ~smh"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As a novice to the shamanic path, I was concerned that I wouldn’t know enough to benefit from this workshop.  I learned that my knowledge of this path was not essential.  What mattered was my openness to change and growth. 
I listened with my heart throughout this weekend and discovered what I needed to do.  I took off a ring that still linked me to my ex husband and created a barrier between my new husband and me.  That ring never touched my finger again.  As that ring slid off my finger, I released much pain and guilt. 
My new story is about my future and the journey I more fully embrace.  I have new tools to help me grieve when I need to.  These tools also help me go deeper into understanding my life. 
Every time I look at my ringless finger, I’m reminded of how my story has changed. ~bb"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~ ~
May 19, 2014
Dear Max and Debbie,

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to attend the Shamanic Energy workshop in March.  It has resulted in a major change in my life and my health.  I enjoyed the supportive and professional atmosphere that was created by your leadership and your co-instructor Linda Fitch.  The workshop was conducted at a fast pace but maintained a deep spiritual element that was satisfying and enriching.  As I continue to use the tools and meditations taught in the workshop in my everyday life, I am amazed at how much material was covered and how it remains completely effective.

 Although I have been active in energy therapy for animals and for close friends for 25 years, this was my first exposure to Shamanism.  In this workshop I learned how Shamanism diagnoses and heals in a fairly predictable and effective manner without risking your personal life energy.  This insight was very significant to me and has allowed me to be more active and confident in my energy work.  One very major help was that I am now able to work on my own issues, which had never been possible in the past.  When working on my own stuff, I would come up with invalid and contradictory answers that weakened my self confidence.  This workshop was just an introduction to Shamanism but it has given me the tools to improve my health.

 Eleven years ago I was diagnosed with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been taking several strong medicines ever since.  I have been careful with my diet, exercise and nutritional supplements to optimize my health, but still have seen a continuation of deteriorating health issues and increasing disability levels. 

 While attending the 3 day workshop I was able to see the inflammation and pain levels decreasing.  At the end of the workshop I had no pain or inflammation for the first time in the past 11 years.  I was amazed.  There was no expectation that this workshop could do so much for me. 

 The protection rituals and the cleansings were very powerful and effective.  The tools that were introduced have made it possible to maintain the meditations and keep the health improvements in place.  It has been 10 weeks since I finished the workshop and I am still able to experience all of the benefits.  I have had no inflammation and only small amount of pain that was quickly eliminated by practicing the meditations introduced in the workshop.  Another major benefit has been the improvement in my decision making process.  I am able to make better decisions and follow through on them more completely.  This has helped me to be more consistent in my food choices and effective in making and keeping commitments. 

 There are still other areas of my life that I would also like to gain improvements and I am looking forward to attending the next workshop in this series.

 Thank you so very much,

Larry Ford


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Walking a Path of Service with Spirit 

Module Four ~ Walking a Path of Service with Spirit 
Come explore the cultural changing paradigm of service versus sacrifice. This is the time to put yourself first in order to be present to create what you want, and also for the evolution of your soul. Looking at grids and memory, we will work with soul remembering so that we may be fully here to step into the role of creator and dreamer. You will spend extensive time in contemplation of the earth and in the upper world working with teachers, guides and power animals to bring in the qualities that need to be part of the new story. With courage and through ceremony, you will experience the peace and stillness of the master sage by committing to align completely with spirit on your path. 

Manifesting Your New Story with Spirit 

Module Three ~ Manifesting Your New Story With Spirit 
With grace, you step to the higher levels and explore the past patterns that have kept you from manifesting your Soul’s Purpose. You learn several new processes to journey back before the limiting patterns began and, working with time and upper world guides, create a new story. Looking at what you are creating now. (“as Within, So Without”} you explore what is your only “assignment” from Spirit. The one thing you are here to manifest in this lifetime. We add more shamanic energy medicine skills including Celtic death rites, and working with dream-time. 

Change Your Story, Change Your Life 

Module One ~ Change Your Story, Change Your Life 
Come work with the energies of the earth, journey and find a power animal, explore the patterns that hold and bind you and learn how to gracefully let them go. You will learn about Soul Retrieval and, with your Power Animal, retrieve a Soul Part to help you move forward. You will explore shamanism and energy medicine and learn the powerful tools of soul art, fire, despacho, and ceremony to shift the old story and create what you want. Step in and find you have courage to learn how to create a new story for yourself and for the world!


We all seek to create a life full of joy, health, purpose and abundance.  Yet many of us, despite years of self-examination, therapy, and personal growth work continue to feel trapped by old stories. 

What if you could be the storyteller of your life, not just an actor playing a role written by someone else but the writer, director, actor and stagehand all rolled up into one?  In the Change Your Story, Change Your Life Workshops, the techniques and ideas of Jungian psychology and shamanism are
beautifully woven together in a unique way to create a program for reclaiming power over your life and achieving personal transformation.

So you ask yourself, "What is meant by story?"  Stories or your core beliefs reflect your perception of events in your life, your experiences and how you see the world.  Your stories or core beliefs, influence your interactions with others, the quality of your relationships, your sense of emotional well-being and physical health and vitality.  Your stories shape your expectations about who you think you can become, or what you can achieve in life. Your story affects how easily you maneuver through change or it can keep you stuck in cycles of stress, worry and fear. Your story is what you believe to be true based on your perception and interpretation of events within your environment that weave together to create the tapestry of your life, who you are and how you believe the world functions.  

"As you do shamanic work, your story can become informed by wisdom inaccessible to the conscious mind, and you may discover new themes and new connections between events and actions you have taken.  Then you may begin to see your story as mythic--as one influenced by powerful archetypal energies that have always been present in the human experience.  These archetypal energies, such as those of the sage, trickster, eternal child, or warrior, and so on, are not intrinsically positive or negative.  How you use them is up to you.  You may become the underdog who achieves success--but you also become the brave warrior who forgets the vulnerability of his Achilles' heel, which leads to tragedy.  Shamanic practices help you discover and work with energies effectively so that you may write a [new] story you find satisfying."  Carl Greer, Jungian psychologist and shaman, Change Your Story, Change Your Life: Using Shamanic and Jungian Tools to Achieve Personal Transformation, May 2014.


Learn how working with the energies of the earth, shamanic healing and ceremony help you create new maps for creating a purposeful life.

 Change Your Story,             Change Your Life

 Change Your Story, Change Your Live  Module Two


Come learn to track the Seven Fears that Sabotage your Power as you dig more deeply into your health, relationships, and  life purpose to identify where you have allowed these fears to take control. Then with clarity of heart, mind and body reclaim your power . 

You will engage with shaman's tools used to track, shift and manifest the change necessary for you to live from the flow of the inner shaman, your power.  We will journey to the void (Feminine Spirit) to receive a personal message, a journey to the hall of mirrors to heal parents and family, we will learn to realign our body to its original blue print and work with sand painting, ritual, ceremony to shift the energy of your story.  Participate in a traditional Q'ero Rites of Initiation to honor and imprint your new story.

BRING TO THE WORKSHOP:  3 special stones wrapped in a cloth or pouch, blank art journal, pastels or colored pencils, blanket, eye cover  ( OPTIONAL drum or rattle)


Ayni Shaman Energy Medicine Practices

Change your Story Workshop

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